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Meet Becca

Hi. My name is Becca. I am the voice behind what you see here on our website and on our social media sites. You know when you are having a job interview and the first question is always, "So, tell me a little about yourself."? That's a bit how I feel right now, I never really how to answer that question and honestly, I really don't enjoy talking about myself. But if you read the blog last week, you know a bit about Randy, so I suppose it is only fair for you to hear a bit about me.

My Building Blocks

Most of my core memories as a kid came from one special home. An old white farmhouse with real character, a huge red barn, a super long chicken house that was used for storing antique treasures. This home had a big garden, apple trees, pear trees, an apricot tree, plum trees, Lilac bushes (which are probably the reason I still love Lilacs to this day), a rock garden and the best swing hung between two massive pine trees. We had cows, a horse, a donkey, rabbits, chickens, which included the obligatory mean rooster (and goose) every farm kid has stories about. There were huge pastures on this property, forest land, a couple of streams and the coolest, fastest sledding hill around. It was the best place to grow up as a child; and as a child, I thought I would never have to leave that place. It would always be there and it would always be home. But life happens and things change and when I was eleven years old we moved to town.

My Stepping Stones

That home build me and shaped me. I always wanted to give my kids that same kind of experience. I think deep down I always knew I would get back to that lifestyle, but many times in my younger life I felt like it was hopeless and it would never happen and I tried to force a different kind of life. But it was just that - forced and not me. I went to a trade school out of high school and learned floral design, which has served me well. But I also moved across the country to Florida to go to college and while I am grateful for the experience it provided me, it was forced. I didn't really know what I wanted to study and I didn't really want to "be" anything. I just felt like I was supposed to go to college because that is what everyone expects from you and tells you, you are supposed to do.

I finally moved back home and then I met Randy and he wanted what I wanted. He wanted animals and to live out and away from people. He wanted a quiet life away from the rat race, raising a family on "old fashioned" traditions and values. And I finally felt at home again for the first time since I was eleven year old.

My Dreams Came True

I was blessed with parents that chose for our family structure to be one with Mom at home. My mom took very good care of us and the love and support we received from her was very impactful on my life. So much so, that as I grew up there was never a career that interested me. All I wanted to do when I grew up was be a mom. And so that's what I am. I am a mom to two wonderful boys plus a baby on the way.

I was twenty-nine when Randy and I got married and I had the privilege of becoming Bonus Mom to Landyn at that time. We didn't have Colton until I was thirty-three, so I have had to fill my time with jobs until motherhood kicked in. The two jobs I am most proud of was working in the local school district and owning my own wedding floral business.

Working in the school was a blessing. The relationships I built with students and staff are ones I will treasure forever. The joy that comes when students start to understand something that has been challenging and the sense of accomplishment you can see on their faces when they know they are making progress is something really special.

Owing my own business was also extremely rewarding. To have built something from the ground up and to have had brides seek me out because I was good at what I did is something I was very proud of. The accomplishment that comes from walking away from an event as big as a wedding with a happy bride and knowing the event looks better because of the contribution I made to it was a bit of a exhausting high, but a high nonetheless.

Even with as much joy and pride I felt with these jobs, I didn't even think twice when it came time to step away and focus on my kids. I did both of these jobs while being a mom and I hated every moment I was away from home. I have to hand it to moms who have to work full time - the guilt is real and it is hard. I wholeheartedly believe God put me on this earth to be a wife and a mom. I have no regrets choosing to be at home and I am so thankful that we are in a position that I can stay at home and that I have a husband who supports and shares this dream of mine.

And here's my two-cents worth that you didn't ask for, but it is why I am so passionate about being at home and it's why I am so thankful I have been blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with my kids. Our kids need their moms. They need that consistency and nurturing that comes from Mom. They need the supervision and accountability that comes from Mom. And in a perfect world, our society would get back to this mindset and embrace this way of life. I feel like our kids are being short changed out of what they need from us, but that's just my opinion and how I see things.

So that is a bit about me...maybe a little deeper than I intended to go, but it is what came out as I sat down to write. I hope you have a better idea of who I am and who Randy is with this short series on us. And if we struck a chord with you, I hope you'll follow along as we journey and adventure on.


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